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Irritable Bowel Syndrome-IBS is a condition of the bowel rather than a disease.

To helps this, you need to find what is making the bowel irritable in the first place and then is what soothes the bowel.

Irritants, but can be almost anything you eat. The most obvious are wheat, diary, then oranges, eggs and almost anything you eat. This changes from person to person.

You need to increase the fiber in your diet, from whole grains, vegetables. Fiber has a role in the immune system and helps

strengthen the GUT.

Intestamine by biosuetical.

This product works by soothing the intestines and coating them with a healing lining. It also helps in control of bad bacteria in the gut. Helping to rebalance the good v bad bugs in the system.

Apple cider vinegar and chlorophyll. These are both alkaline and help balance the acidity in the system.


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