Massage Bondi Junction

  • Designed to get you moving.

  • Increase the range of movement in your joints and muscles

  • Simple Exercises

  • Helping you to understanding what is going on with your body

A massage to correct posture and greatly improves the range of movement in your body 


No 31 A receptionist working computers and phones all day needs her shoulders brought back away from her ears.  

No. 30 A student of acupuncture can in for a massage on a tight neck. Working on her i realized she had tension stuck in her stomach meridian. Working this meridian released the tension in her neck, Her comment was "not even the teachers at my University found this blockage". 

No. 29 Back muscles were seizing from holding the same position for prolonged amount of time. To release the spinus erectus muscles is part of the fix along with better posture and use of the body.

No. 28 After a leg, hip injury this client's leg felt like there was a tight band running down the Hamstring and calf muscles. The cause of this was a weakness in the Left  Quadratus Lumborum muscle. Releasing and energizing is slowly correcting the posture to release the left muscles. 

No.27  A sports lover who needs a bit of help in maintain a healthy flexible body in order to remain in the game. Easy to work into tight problems and give advice on areas to strengthen.

No 26. A tradie working in tight confined space wanted to release tired and aching muscles. An easy job in working through a range of techniques  to achieve this.

No.25  A female client want to feel looser in her hips and shoulders. After the massage her walking was easier and had more flow to her stride.  

No.24 A client who had an old injury aggravate found that injury never went away but was being carefully hiding by altering her posture and habits. The only problem with this is it comes back with back posture and back habits. Deal with an injury properly.

No23. Working with a client with Achilles problem, this involved dry needling along the back for the leg . Massage the calf hamstrings and the gluts to create length and flexibility in the whole leg.

No.22  A swimmer who wants to get relief from all the long distance training. Loosen up the upper back, Traps,, Rhomboids, Levator scapular, plus the Pects,deltiod . All of which is working over time in swimming.

No21. Working on a client with a tight upper back who wants dry needling. This is helped by using distill acupuncture points to draw energy into the arms and legs. Plus also massage in this area gives the best possible outcome for release of the upper back.

No.20. On going lower back pain from bone spurs and band muscle structure. Here we work on getting movement into the lower to mid back. This may take time and several treatments plus stretching as well. Strong deep tissue to create energy and movement.

No19; This client just want to relax and release a tight neck. Easy; using distill points in the arms and legs increases the work in the neck and shoulders for a better and longer effects of the massage.

No18; A client who does a lot running in sport has very tight quads and groin and  needs to have this group of muscle released for better movement. What i thought would be a short focus turned out to take the whole 60min.

No.17  A fellow Therapist who has been using her body has tight neck,  shoulders and hip. Working the lower points in the leg to bring back balance in the hips and using Arnica into glut muscle. Also working the neck and shoulders to increase the space between the point of the shoulder and ear. Removing tension. 

No.16. Client with neck and ankle issues, surprisingly common as the flexibility of the ankles allows the body to move freely. 

No.15 Having a lower back injury can make the massage more precise. Some areas you need to work strongly in due to the body protecting the injury and another needs gentle touch due to the injury. Rehabilitation needs to be focused and appropriate to build strength while releasing muscles switched on to protect the injured area.

No.14.  Working to release the right side of the body. Finding muscle tension in the lower back and releasing that this is where the problem starts. Using release techniques, pressure points , meridian therapy to get movement in the area. 

No. 13 A pregnant lady with tight hips, shoulders and feet. Massage her on her side working down one side then the other. Working peoples feet loosen and relax the whole body.

No. 12 After a car accident this client had damage in there back which manifests as a tight left shoulder. Working on the shoulder revealed problems at the attachment of the Lats and into the left lower back and going down the right hip and leg.

No.11. Lower back disc issue which manifested with a tight lower lumbar spine which need careful but strong work in the right specific areas of the lower back. Also the core and the groin need strengthen to help support and balance the bodies pressure it was placing on the lower back.  Release the tightness in the Lower back while strengthening the weakness in core and front of the legs. 

No.10. This client has mild arthritis in the neck.  Need to build the Kidney area in the lower back to correct the posture. work the tension in the neck and muscles into the shoulder.  

No 9:Working on the feet of this client release the fascia in the lower leg freeing the muscle in this part of the body.The result being easier walking, greater movement in the hips, lower back, shoulders etc. 

No 8. Hard working woman with hip pain. Found this to be in the hip flexors which has been protecting the lack of core strength. Worked to release the leg while offering a range of exercises to build strength in the core specific to the left side of the body. 

No.7 Very tight jaw leading headaches- Start with the upper back to release the muscles at the base of the neck working up into the neck and finally working the jaw muscles. Using Acupuncture points to help release the jaw and give ongoing release over the next few days.

No.6 Waking up stiff, sore in the lower back before warming up and getting moving in the morning.   Working the lower back. hips and legs to increase movement, reducing the tightness and soreness in the morning .

No5.  A marathon runner , in order to keep running needs to maintain the integrity of the legs and hips. Strong work into the hips in order to to keep the legs tracking correctly to reduce wear and tear on the joints. If the body operates correctly this will easy the strain from kilometers run.

No1; a busy executive who after a number of years finds his mobility reduced. I have started to loosen the shoulders and neck, then will work on the lower back hips and legs.   This is done through a series of treatments to improve the range of movement in the body 

No2; A hairdresser who has spent years with her shoulders up around her ears and constantly crouching to vie her work. Working both shoulders to get them to release and to create relaxed muscle all around this area. The lower back needs works as it has become fixed in one position. Working all over this area including the hip flexors to release the front and tops of the legs to stand up straight.  

No3  A alternative health worker who has left shoulder issue from leaning over clients to treat them.  Working on her attachment points of the muscles for the shoulder.  Finding the tender points of these muscle and releasing them. The shoulder is a flexible joint with many moving parts, and finding the right muscle and the right part of the muscle that needs release is the trick. 

No.4 This Client has on going neck and back tightness and needs to have it released every so often. This massage is pure maintenance and if she keeps to a regular routine this minimise and problems that occur.   

We hold tension and tightness in our body. Shiatsu with its links to Traditional Chinese Medicine helps me recognize and unlock these blockages to create energy flow through your body. These blockages have links to the energy flow to the organs. Altering this energy will bring balance to your internal environment. 

With my understanding of posture through Yoga it is my aim to improve your posture and free up the energy flow through your body.    



Healing from skilled and caring massage. Dry Needling to release and energize.

Hello my name is Ross Doherty and the aim of my massage is to create healing through skilled and caring massage. I use  Shiatsu, Acupressure along with needling pressure points, Reflexology, Trigger Point and Soft Tissue techniques to restore movement and life to your body.


  I will find the tension in your body and work to release it. Finding the core reason for tightness and releasing it will create healing  

Nutrition and yoga to enhance healing.