Posture and why is it important

Good posture can be described as the body’s ability to sit, walk, stand or lie in a position that places a minimal strain on supporting, muscles, ligaments and joints during movement or activities. When poor posture is prevalent you may see a head being tilted forward, a chest depressed, round shoulders, a slouched back curve or the pelvis swaying forward.

Good posture is seen when the head and shoulders are balanced over the pelvis and stacked above the hips, knees and ankles in alignment. Gravity flows at ease through an aligned structure. This can cause strain, grind and pressure on the joints, organs and muscles of the body. Many people perceive these effects as constant fatigue, back pain, an unflattering contour of their body or even as old age.

Massage for correcting poor posture

Postural defects caused by poor sitting habits, stress, unsupported shoes, being overweight or being physically inactive can be positively influenced by massage. It is easy to create positive structural change in someone suffering from round shoulders or stiff hips. Massage can lengthen the chest and anterior shoulder muscles to allow the shoulder joint to sit in better alignment with the structures surrounding it – usually resulting in the associated neck and shoulder pain symptom disappearing.

Massage for managing postural issues

Where a person has a strong degree of spinal curvature in the form of scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis which has developed over decades or is congenital, it may not be as simple to correct the curvature. However, for many people preventing spinal curvature from deteriorating is more achievable using a deep tissue and sports massage by creating space between the bony structures. Many clients find that they can live without pain or at least manage it by choosing massage at the right regularity to keep their posture in check.

Understanding what influences your posture

Modifying your sitting, standing, driving and sleeping posture can have a compound effect in complimenting your massage treatments. Keeping fit and not carrying excess body weight will reduce the degeneration of joints affected by bad posture. Learning proper movement by attending a safe lifting course,

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