• Ross Doherty

Ankles and flexibility

One of the most common causes of ankle, knee and low back pain is a lack of ankle flexibility. In particular a lack of bending forward or dorsiflexion. This can be from an old ankle sprain from many years ago.

When someone leaves the squat rack in a gym after a deep squat with raging low back pain we often find a serious lack of ankle flexibility on one ankle causing a wonky squat.

This has two issues; one is not engaging the core muscles in the initial lift and the other is flexibility in the body as a whole. The weight cause the body to flex without having the flexibility in the first place. This kind of lifting will lead to issues down the track, over stretches joints and weakening them.

It is never too late to restore normal or close to normal ankle flexibility. If you suspect it might be influencing your body give us a buzz.


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