March 7, 2018

 For a reduction in future problems a good posture is essential.  The better we look after our selves, the better we will age. As the nerves leave the spinal column the less structural impingement of them the better the function of the organs. The less stagnate energy...

February 27, 2018

What is Linseed/Flaxseed?

Linseed, also known as flaxseed, is the richest source of omega 3 essential fatty acids.  It contains 50 to 50 percent omega 3s, almost twice as much as is contained in fish oil.  Because it comes from a plant source, it is perfect for vegetari...

February 25, 2018

Symptoms of poor posture

Symptoms can include:

  • Rounded shoulders

  • Potbelly

  • Bent knees when standing or walking

  • Head that either leans forward or backward

  • Back pain

  • Body aches and pains

  • Muscle fatigue

  • Headache.

Postural mechanisms


February 18, 2018

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is recognized as one of the oldest methods of healing, with references in medical texts nearly 4,000 years old. In fact, Hippocrates, known as the "father of medicine," referenced massage when he wrote, in the 4th century B.C.: "...

February 12, 2018

One of the most common issues that we find when treating clients is tightness through the jaw muscles, not all of these tight muscles are sore or painful, but they definitely show up during most treatments on palpation. This tightness can be symptomatic of TMJ or TMJD.


December 14, 2017

How much do you know about the neuroscience of touch

Research into touch is coming out at an ever increasing rate, this is changing the way we think about the physical and psychological effect of touch. Mechanoreceptors are what informs the body about the type of touch...