November 13, 2018

Irritable Bowel Syndrome-IBS is a condition of the bowel rather than a disease.

To helps this, you need to find what is making the bowel irritable in the first place and then is what soothes the bowel.

Irritants, but can be almost anything you eat. The most obvious are w...

September 10, 2018

Good posture can be described as the body’s ability to sit, walk, stand or lie in a position that places a minimal strain on supporting, muscles, ligaments and joints during movement or activities. When poor posture is prevalent you may see a head being tilted forward,...

March 7, 2018

 For a reduction in future problems a good posture is essential.  The better we look after our selves, the better we will age. As the nerves leave the spinal column the less structural impingement of them the better the function of the organs. The less stagnate energy...

February 25, 2018

Symptoms of poor posture

Symptoms can include:

  • Rounded shoulders

  • Potbelly

  • Bent knees when standing or walking

  • Head that either leans forward or backward

  • Back pain

  • Body aches and pains

  • Muscle fatigue

  • Headache.

Postural mechanisms


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